Building Your Home

At Brian Burke Homes we understand that to many of our new clients building a new home can be a daunting undertaking. From experience, Michael Burke and his small team understand that the key to a stress free and successful building experience is open and honest communication throughout the entire process. We truly take the worry and stress out of your home building experience. When you choose to work with our team we respect your trust and take very seriously the responsibility of working with you to transform your vision and aspirations into a magnificent home to suit your lifestyle and personality.

We will hand select a team of architects, designers, and trade professionals to work with you to first listen, and then translate your dreams and desires into a truly unique and beautiful home design.

We will guide you patiently through the design process from the first design interview, to preparing initial sketches, and finally to presenting floor plans and stylish elevations that you will be completely satisfied with. Throughout each stage we will constantly stay in touch with you and listen to all your ideas and ensure that our team creates a home that you will adore.

Once you are completely satisfied with the design and specification of your home we will present you with a cost estimate to confirm that we are ready for the next stage of building your home.

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During the design phase of building your new home, we take the time to regularly liaise with your local authority on your behalf to ensure that your home will comply with the often complex and restrictive planning and building approval requirements of your council.

Local authorities often require quite detailed plans to process a planning application. The information we provide for a planning application can almost equal the detail required on our complete working drawings. It is for this reason we start communicating with the relevant authority at the earliest stages of designing your home to gain their approval as efficiently as possible.

We will keep you informed as your planning application is processed and stand up for your rights at all times to ensure that the authority deals with your application fairly and promptly.

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Once we achieve planning approval, the next phase of the design process is to translate your design plans and elevations into structural working drawings. At this stage we also provide you with a detailed schedule of finishes and specifications to be provided throughout your home.

Once the detailed working drawings and schedule of finishes have been prepared they are sent to our regular tradespeople and suppliers for firm quotations. When these quotes have been received we will present you with a fixed price building contract for your new home.

An important point to note at this stage is that all of the provisional sum (PS) and prime cost (PC) allowances in our specification will have been quoted and fixed. This gives you the assurance that there will be no "hidden" cost overruns after signing your building contract with Brian Burke Homes.

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The last phase of the design process is for you to sign the building contract for your new home and for us to gain a building licence to commence construction.

We will submit all of the structural working drawings, your contract, and your schedule of finishes to the local authority to obtain a building licence.

As soon as we receive the building licence for your home from the local authority we will commence our onsite construction schedule promptly.
As construction commences on your home we will introduce you to our team of onsite professionals. We will introduce you to your construction supervisor who will run your construction site day to day, and also to our dedicated team of staff within the office who will ensure that everything flows smoothly on your site.

During the process of building your home we will continue to communicate with you to ensure you understand the construction process and are kept updated with your schedule.